Endangered Species Day

Today, May 18, is Endangered Species Day and here at EcoGear, we care about raising awareness for endangered species. That is why most of our backpacks are named after animals that are considered endangered or were at some point at the brink of extinction. 

Endangered Species Day serves as a way for kids of all ages to learn about endangered species and conversations efforts that are in place to protect them.

On our blog, we occasionally spotlight an endangered animal that our bag is named after as a way to introduce readers to these species and stress the importance of protecting them. Here are some endangered species that our bags are named after. Do you recognize any of them?

Dhole / Cuon alpinus
Current conservation status: Endangered

EcoGear backpacks: Dhole Backpack and Rolling Dhole Backpack

Black rhinoceros / Diceros bicornis
Current conservation status: Critically endangered

EcoGear backpack: Black Rhino Laptop Backpack

Hawksbill sea turtle / Eretmochelys imbricata
Current conservation status: Critically endangered

EcoGear backpack: Hawksbill 30L Hiking Backpack

Snow leopard / Panthera uncia
Current conservation status: Vulnerable

EcoGear backpack: Snow Leopard 40L Hiking Backpack

Giant panda / Ailuropoda melanoleuca
Current conservation status: Vulnerable

EcoGear backpacks: EcoZoo Deluxe Panda Backpack and Brite Buddies Panda Backpack

Ili Pika / Ochotona iliensis
Current conservation status: Endangered

EcoGear backpack: Pika Backpack

Bighorn sheep/ Ovis canadensis 
Current conservation status: Least concern (previously Endangered)

EcoGear backpack: Bighorn 17 Backpack

Want to help?

Organizations nationwide are celebrating Endangered Species Day with events of their own. The Endangered Species Coalition has put together a convenient map to find event near you! For more information on nearby events, visit their website here.

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