Give the Gift of Green for Valentine’s Day

Still without gifts for your special someone this Valentine’s Day? Consider these eco-friendly gift ideas that they will sure love – especially since they have less impact on the Earth!

Create handmade cards from recycled papers and materials: Don’t just buy a mass-produced card from your local store. Use your creativity and make a handmade card from materials you already have! If you really want to make your card eco-friendly, make sure to use recycled paper.

Make sure your chocolates are fair-trade or organic: There are some unethical methods used to harvest and produce chocolates. Forests are leveled to make room for cacao farms and laborers are paid little to nothing. Buy chocolates that are fair-trade certified or organic to make sure they are produced in eco-friendly environments.

Switch to bamboo product such as utensils and toothbrushes: Skip the plastic fork and spoon and switch to bamboo! Companies like To-go WareBrush with Bamboo and Bambu have wooden bamboo products that remove the need for plastic and instead replace them with bamboo.

Keep your electronics charged with the solar powered battery packs: Using solar powered battery packs allow you to charge them with the power of the sun. Save electricity by using natural energy.

Protect your phones with compostable phone casesPela makes phone cases made of flax and recycled materials for a case that is both protective and compostable! Unlike plastic phone cases that sit in landfills, these can be thrown in compost bins.

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