Why Our Bags

Why Our Bags

With global warming on the forefront of our minds, we know it’s imperative to start global cooling. One convenient truth is that the small things make a big difference. Like a bag. Our bags are made with planet-friendly organic cotton and recycled plastics. We’ve created eco-friendly bags minus the extra baggage of health and environmental risks.

We've created bags made with REPREVE. The benefits of REPREVE include:

  • Chlorine-free
  • Conserves petroleum-based resources by offsetting the need to produce virgin synthetic fibers.
  • Reduces energy consumption and pollution.
  • Fibers are traceable, transparent, and certifiably sustainable.
  • Supports environmental non-profit organizations.

What is REPREVE?

REPREVE is a brand of recycled fiber that is made from recycled materials, including used plastic bottles. Because it offsets the need to use new resources, such as petroleum, and emits fewer greenhouse gases, REPREVE helps provide a reprieve for the planet. As a leader in transforming recycled bottles into a quality textile fiber, REPREVE is the ingredient that makes your favorite brands sustainable.

Companies and brands have proven their trust in the unique U Trust™ Verification system that ensures REPREVE fibers are made traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable. Each and every fiber has a proprietary signature called Fiberprint™. Through U Trust™ and Fiberprint™, products can be verified to contain REPREVE, in the right amounts and certified.


  • 3.8 Million Gallons of Gasoline
  • 1 Year of Drinking Water for 52,313 People
  • 2,934 Acres of Pine Forest