Bags for Dads

This weekend is Father’ Day and hopefully you all have thought about the perfect gifts for your dads. EcoGear backpacks are super versatile and can be carried wherever you go. Whether that is to an amusement park or just a quick day trip, there is a backpack for you (and your dad).

We have selected three backpacks that dads will love and enjoy! Not only do they sport a classy and sleek design, but they also come packed with many features that dads will find useful for their everyday lives.

Pika Backpack

Large and stylish, the Pika Backpack comes with a large compartment and a bundle of additional pockets. It’s perfect for your techie or commuter dad to make sure all of their gear are with them at all times.

Darter Backpack

Don’t be fooled by its size. The lightweight and compact Darter Backpack features an unique design that allows it to roll up on itself when not in use. Keep it in the car trunk or in another backpack for ultimate convenience.

Bighorn 17 Backpack

The sleek Bighorn 17 Backpack is made with storage and versatility in mind. With two large main compartments, this backpack can fit all of your daily essentials and more. Use it as a travel bag or even a for an quick overnight trip.

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