National Clean Beaches Week – July 1-7

This week is National Clean Beaches Week, and we are celebrating our beaches by working to keep them clean and safe so future generations can enjoy them for their natural beautiful sights. Although National Clean Beaches Week is almost over, there are still many ways to do your part in keeping beaches clean. Especially since Fourth of July is now over, beaches may be dirty with litter and trash, so it’s a perfect time to clean those beaches!

Visit your local beaches with family and friends

What better way to enjoy your beaches than with the company of your loved ones? There are many fun activities to do at the beach to make it an eventful day! Remember to either carpool, walk, or use public transportation as a way to cut down on harmful emissions that can pollute our environment.

Participate in local cleanup events

Many organizations and non-profits groups host beach clean up events that are open to anyone! Find a local group near you and join them to pick up trash and keep our beaches clean. Beaches are a popular destination during the Fourth of July, so there will be plenty of trash that will need to be picked up this week.

Spread awareness

Tell your family and friends about National Clean Beaches Week so they can become involved too. The more people that know, the better!

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